45 Years

45 years

Established in 1977, initially as Michael Cade Associates, MCA Consulting Engineers has enjoyed a successful and long-standing history in the building services sector.

‘Good engineering is about having an open mind for each project undertaken and coming up with the right solution for the right building.’ Says Michael Cade, founder and former director of MCA.

Tailored engineering and excellence in customer service are the objectives and principles that the business was founded on, and forty years on, this continues to be the vision for MCA.

As we enter our 45th year of consultancy, we reflect on our history and some of the key projects that have made us what we are today.

“When I started out everything was done on tracing paper; we didn’t have computers, let alone the internet, so everything was managed via post – processes took months; now schematics can be drawn up and amended in hours!”

In the mid-1980’s, Michael began to establish good, ongoing relationships with a number of regional and national housebuilders. Our first project was for George Wimpey – now Taylor Wimpey – which was a regeneration project of 168 homes in Innes Road, off Crawley Road in Horsham.

At the turn of the millennium, with the increasing drive towards improved energy efficiency for buildings, Michael recognised both the environmental benefits and the cost incentives for the use of biomass fuels to meet the demand for heat within buildings.

“As a company, we were able to advise on this way of engineering from an early stage and I became a founding director of South East Wood Fuels, as well as speaking and reporting at various UK conferences.” By 2010, MCA had undertaken over forty biomass projects, both for commercial and residential buildings.

Over the course of MCA’s history, Graham Andrews and Liam Clark – both experienced consultants with exceptional mechanical and electrical engineering experience – joined the company as Directors and employed more staff to meet the demand of our service.

Michael Cade retired in 2010 and, when asked what he felt the legacy of MCA to be, he said “Our service to clients – it is as important as our technical ability. We are solution orientated and will always go the extra mile in projects. Client care is a really important part of our service – this is why the majority of our new business is referrals and existing clients, as they continue to use our consultancy for new projects.”